Unpacking the Capsule Wardrobe

If getting dressed in the morning looks like digging through a sea of never-worn clothes, it may be a sign to simplify your wardrobe. An easy, stress-free way to stay well-dressed in a timeless and elevated way can be solved with a capsule wardrobe.

So, What is a Capsule Wardrobe? 

A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of garments designed to be worn together and harmonized in color and texture. This minimalist approach to building a capsule wardrobe dates back to the 1930s and 40’s—when Depression Era economics and rationing during the Second World War called for more innovative ways to make a minimalist wardrobe go the extra mile in keeping the wearer stay stylish. The key to a successful capsule wardrobe is to have versatile pieces that are multi-purpose.    

Classic pieces that make up wardrobe essentials are the core pieces and the foundation of the wardrobe. We’ve rounded up some stellar examples: 

  • A navy polo, a khaki short, and chino pants
  • Versatile pieces that can easily be incorporated with classic pieces, which updates the wardrobe for the season, keeping it fresh and current. 
    • A short-sleeve printed button-down shirt and a chino short in a fun color.
  • While creating a capsule wardrobe can be a minimalist approach,  it does not necessarily mean boring, and there is plenty of room for play.

A capsule wardrobe can vary season-to-season. One may decide to build a fall mini-capsule wardrobe, where a few key pieces can also be incorporated in a winter or spring mini-capsule wardrobe. How assorted––minimalist or slightly more elaborate––one’s capsule wardrobe will be, depends on one’s own personal style. 

Capsule wardrobes all take the same approach: by having a balance of interchangeable and neutral tops, bottoms, and accessories. An initial investment in shopping to build a capsule wardrobe is an economic and brilliant way to create a closet that goes the extra mile for you in the long term. You’ll be able to mix and match with fewer pieces, get dressed more efficiently/stress-free, and pack for travels with minimal effort.

Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

To create a minimalist capsule wardrobe, you first want to start out by cleaning out your closet. Donating or throwing away excess items that are of poor fit and quality, it will create space for your favorite pieces. A deep clean will also allow the rest of your clothes to be more visible and easier to access when you need them day-to-day. 

When removing and buying new items, be sure always to ask yourself, “Do I like this, or is it because everyone else has it?” “Will I like this in a few years?” Classic items can stay in your wardrobe for years to come,and help to create a signature style for you in the long run. 

Capsule Wardrobe Checklist 

The items on this checklist are your building blocks–the foundation of your closet. Building blocks are the pieces that tie the entire outfit together, and the details that elevate your entire look. 

To create your capsule wardrobe for men, you’ll only need 23-50 pieces of clothing including accessories. The rule of thumb is to stick with neutral colors because they are not overpowering, and can easily be interchanged and incorporated. Here’s what you will need:

1- Trench Coat 

1- Outer Coat

Tailor Vintage’s novelty fleece shirt jacket is your go-to outer layer. Thanks to it’s sherpa interior, they’re softer, thicker, and more comfortable than just about any in their class. Now with our PUREtec cool® technology which kills viruses and bacteria on textiles, it also has odor control to keep you feeling fresh.

1 pair- Denim Jeans

1 pair- Leather Boots

1- Flannel Shirt (For Fall)

Stack of flannels

Our Flannel Shirt not only creates an instant Fall look, but is great for layering. Tailor Vintage’s Airotec® Flannel is known for its innovative fabric. It has water repellency/ stain resistant finish on the face side and moisture wicking action on the inside which will help regulate your body temperature with its fast drying properties. 

1 to 2- Shirt Jackets

Shirt Jackets are perfect to have in your wardrobe in between changing seasons. They are typically and thicker than your average button-down.

A folded shirt jacket

2 Pairs- Joggers

Joggers tend to have a more relaxed fit and skim the leg instead of clinging which makes them great for warmer weather. They help create versatility and their comfortable nature makes you want to ditch the sweats. Tailor Vintage’s PUREtec Cool® Performance Joggers have Antiviral/ antibacterial/ odor control finish for daily wear.  

A pair of tan joggers

2- Sweaters and/or Sweater Knits 

High Quality Neutral Sweaters are ideal for the capsule wardrobe.  important to make sure your sweaters are well fitting because otherwise it can look sloppy or frumpy. Neutral colors add versatility to any clothing item.

A stack of sweaters

3 pairs- Chinos

You can wear Chino’s pretty much all year round and they look great in the summer and fall. Stick to classic colors like navy, tan, olive, grey, and khaki. Our performance chino pants are crafted from a lightweight cotton/nylon blended fabric. Finished with our AIROTEC® technology that wicks moisture away from your skin and repels water from the face of fabric. Two-way stretch for ease of movement. It’s an impeccably designed course favorite with visual refinement for easy wearing around town.

One pair of chinos

3- T-shirts 

It’s important to have a few comfortable breathable t-shirts in your wardrobe for when you need to dress down. Our T-Shirts are specially washed for softness, our novelty pocket T-shirts are dyed for an even, lasting color. They have built-in stretch for comfort and ease and the PURETec Cool® technology has antiviral /antimicrobial for odor control. You will want to wear them all the time. 

A man wearing a t-shirt

3 to 4- Polos

Our Polo’s feel like a soft t-shirt, but more put together with buttons and a collar. Tailor Vintage’s polos are breathable and have antimicrobial and antiviral properties for odor control. 

Folded polo shirts

4 to 5 pairs- Shorts

Short length is important for a capsule wardrobe (especially when summer time rolls around). Make sure your length in shorts are 7’, 9’, and 10’. Our performance chino short is crafted from a lightweight cotton/nylon blended fabric & finished with our AIROTEC technology that wicks moisture away from your skin and repels water from the face of the fabric. They have two-way stretch for ease of movement.

Pastel colored shorts

5- Button-Down Shirts 

Button Downs are important for dressier days at the office or any major events. Wearing one will always ensure you look sharp. Tailor Vintage’s Button shirts do anything and go everywhere. These shirts stay dry, keep you fresh, and have built-in stretch for range of motion. There Airotec® performance finish is water repellent and stain resistant on the face side and moisture management on the inside and have Antiviral/ antimicrobial finish for odor control. They have availability in plaids, ginghams, and prints

Two button down shirts, folded

These building block items can all be found in Tailor Vintage collections. We incorporate the concept of capsule wardrobes and building blocks in all of our clothing to help you maintain a classic/timeless, stress-free, and cohesive lifestyle. 

Tailor Vintage 

Capsule Wardrobe items can be found in all of our lines. For instance, our Spring 2021 Line showcases our Reversible Shorts, Airotec Polos, Airotec Pants, Woven Shirts, French Terry Shorts, and Rugby Stripe Crewneck Sweater. These items will always be classic and will never go out of style.

Remember, you only need a few of these pieces to start–or, if you already have, continue building––a good foundation for your  Capsule wardrobe. Purchasing essential pieces from Tailor Vintage helps you save in the long run because everything you own will always be in style and will match seamlessly with everything you own. So, you can look your best, always. 


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