How to Wear Shorts in the Summer 101

Summer is here and in full effect as July heat takes hold of our glorious nation…. so it’s only natural to want to stay cool and comfortable in a stylish pair of summer shorts. As it’s the summer season, shorts are perfect for occasions such as the holidays, BBQs, a day at the pool, or strolling downtown for a catch up with the boys.
That said, that there is no dress code imposed by any of these situations. But beware and don’t be fooled! Just because you’re not constrained by a dress code, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put a little thought into your summer swag.
This guide will take you through every single type of short you can find on the rack: denim shorts, sweat shorts, short chinos, smart shorts, cargos, or twill shorts. We’ll cover the right colors and most importantly, the right fit. You will also get advice on how to pair them with the right shoes, so scroll on and enjoy!
The Fit
For Taller Guys:
Check out how short they actually look on you. The last thing you want is the hem to be pulled up on your thigh too much. That will be uncomfortable and make it difficult to walk properly. It would go against the principle of wearing shorts at all. Two to three inches above the knee would be just perfect.
For Shorter Guys:
The same principle as above, but upside down. If your shorts are too long and the hem falls below the knee, putting that pair back on the shelf would be a smart idea. If you actually like that particular pair, try to see how it would look if you roll them up a little bit. Getting them tailored is a good option, just avoid dressing in shorts that are too long as they give a lousy look and can make you look shorter.
For Built Guys:
Most guys with a bit of meat on them make the big mistake to buy the largest pair of shorts thinking it will make them look slimmer. That is not the truth! Larger shorts will give you a baggy and messy appearance. Stick to your regular size as that is the ticket to pulling off a stylish summer outfit.
The Color
The majority of guys keep it simple when it comes to the color of the shorts. That’s why most of them just blend it with the crowd. Black, navy, burgundy, grey or khaki shorts are the favorites as these colors are versatile and easy to look after, but aren’t the only options you can try this summer.
Remember it’s summer! Have fun with it and throw in a bit of color, pattern, or print. No one will judge you if you wear pastel shorts, camouflage print, or even white shorts. The great thing about shorts is that, unless they are neon, no one will even bat an eye. If the aim is to stand out just a little bit then light colored shorts would be best. If you are more courageous and want to make a statement then patterned or print shorts will work wonders.
The Style
This is where it gets personal. Fashionable shorts come and go every season and style is a matter of knowing what works best for you. The type of shorts that work for the guy next door is very likely not to be what you find flattering and the other way around.
As shorts are considered casual attire, there are not proper formal rules you need to follow, so now you have a lot of freedom to try on countless looks until you get the one the fits. The style has to emulate your personality, put you in a good light, and give you confidence.


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