Summer Style Guide

Summer is almost here and with the change in temperature, comes the opportunity to freshen up your wardrobe. Our stylists break down the most classic warm-weather looks that will last you for years to come. These timeless staples never go out of style and are perfect for everyday wear or wherever the season takes you.

Nautical Stripes

Reminiscent of a seaside resort, nautical stripes were originally part of the uniform for French navy seamen. We love this go-to look for a clean and simple statement that's easy to wear. 

Tennis Sweaters

Established as a staple in Men's sports around the 1930's, these lightweight pullovers are still seen on tennis courts and golf courses around the world. Prized for their warmth and flexibility, this classic style provides a versatile layering piece for those colder Summer days.    

Printed Tees

With the invention in stretchable ink in 1959, came the invasion of the printed tee. Originally designed to be worn under a military uniform, the printed tee evolved into a tool for coastal resorts to advertise their properties. Today, we love this classic basic paired with shorts or pants...and we can never have enough! 

Madras Shorts

Madras is unusual cotton fabric handspun, hand-woven and hand-dyed by natives of India. The resulting fabrics exhibit individualistic patterns and color depending on the whim of the weaver so that no two lengths of clothes are exactly alike. 

Twill Walking Shorts

The walking short is known for its go-to 9' inch inseam, a flattering length with an incredibly comfortable fit. These shorts adapt to your active lifestyle and can be worn to work, on the golf course, and at your backyard BBQs.

Pima Cotton Polos

Pima is a type of cotton known for its incredible softness and breathability. Elevate your look in a classic polo with a touch of sheen that only Pima can provide.


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