Elevated performance

The founders vision is to build Tailor Vintage into a brand respected across the globe for a deep and unrelenting commitment to leverage material science and textile engineering to create the highest quality sportswear in the world while ensuring minimal carbon footprint. 

Our AIROTEC® and Puretec cool™ technology on performance cotton-based fabrics represents years of collaboration, diligent innovation, new technology and most importantly, a sustainable and high-performing alternative to the standard while staying true to our legacy of timeless, classic styles.

Airotec® absorbs inside repels outside

AIROTEC® is water repellent/stain resistant on face of the fabric, moisture management on the inside.

It took years of engineering and collaboration to perfect our AIROTEC® performance on NATURAL COTTON.

Nothing feels better than cotton against your skin, keeping the natural fiber characteristics of breathability and softness. Best of all, cotton is a sustainable fiber.

AIROTEC® is Antiviral/Antimicrobial

AIROTEC®formulations kill virus, bacteria and fungi on textiles. This means long lasting odor-control which keeps you feeling fresh.

Do More with AIROTEC®

AIROTEC® technology is PFOA-Free and Bluesign® approved, which ensures the highest degree of safety for you and the lowest impact on the environment.

AIROTEC® means less laundry, less water, clothes last longer, better for our planet.


Antiviral & Antibacterial Protection Odor Control

When airborne pathogens come into contact with the surface of the textiles, the silver-ion and copper-based elements are activated, which eliminate microbe growth.

“Smart" antimicrobial only activating when it needs to defend against microbes. This innovative approach provides the longest lasting protection on textiles.


PUREtec cool® inhibits the reproduction of odor-causing bacteria on textiles to keep you feeling fresh days long.

With PUREtec cool® Less is More

LESS WATER - More Sustainable with less water, less energy, less detergent, less washing

LESS WASTE -Garments last longer