Our process starts with intentional design.

Tailor Vintage makes fashion less complicated, building each piece to last beyond a single season. Each design is a riff on an iconic American staple, combining to make a useful and effortless wardrobe. Consistency in fit, fabric and quality guide this hands on approach. Better design = less waste.

Conscious Design

As designers, we are completely responsible for the creations we bring to fruition. Every single item we put out to the world makes an impact, and we know that we have to be accountable for that. We take this responsibility very seriously, and carefully consider every step of the journey each piece takes, from initial concept to final product. Better design = less waste.


Our performance wear is bluesign® certified, which ensures the highest degree of safety for the consumer (you), lowest impact on the environment, and responsibly allocated resources. All our trims are certified OEKO-tex®.


Our garments are chiefly made of low impact, all-natural fibers such as certified cotton and linen. Cotton is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly fiber throughout its entire product life cycle. It is biodegradable and renewable.

We source traceable cotton, which means that we know who our growers, spinners, and dyers are. Our cotton is dyed using low-impact methods, including dyeing through harvested rainwater, and dyeing through renewed water from water treatment plants at our partner factories.

Additionally, our trims are plant-based. We use coconut-shell buttons, and recycled paper hangtags and trims that are biodegradable.

We use relatively little manmade fibers compared to the rest of the market. The synthetics we incorporate are certified Global Reycled Standard (GRS) polyester. We also pledge to use plant-based polybags for 100% of our products by 2023.

We stand the test of time

Our collection is engineered to last for years to come. Everything we make is rigorously tested for durability and functionality. With our Airotec® technology, we build garments that perform better everyday so you can own less, wash less––saving water and energy, and do more.