Summer Fabric Guide

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 At Tailor Vintage, we strive to provide our customers with items that are not only functional but easy and comfortable to wear. We attribute our fine tailoring and fabrics as the reason that so many return to our classic styles season after season. In addition, many of our garments are hand washed and go through several processing stages to give them a unique worn-in feel and vintage look that our customers have come to love.

Many of our fabrics have these unique qualities:

Temperature Control
Moisture Wicking
Oder Control
Worn-In Feel
Added Stretch
Classic Fit


Below we walk you through some of our fabrics that are perfect for hot summer days - versatile for work or leisure and everything in between.


Linen is woven from the flax plant which has been prized since the days of the pharaohs.  Linen’s coolness in hot weather makes it superior to synthetic fabrics, like polyester, when it comes to breathability. Linen is durable and very strong, as well as super comfortable and light to wear. Added bonus? It is also environmentally friendly.

We select the finest linen for our products, spun and woven with the greatest care and expertise to bring out its natural beauty.
Linen is a perfect Summer because it can elevate any outfit while remaining easy and comfortable to wear. Learn more about how to wear Linen in our Complete Guide to Wearing Summer Linen.


Our patented, fast-dry technology helps to regulate body temperature on hot Summer days. We specially engineered our Performance fabric to move moisture away from the skin by absorbing and spreading moisture across fibers to enhance the evaporative drying rate. In addition, we added a touch of stretch and stain resistant properties to maximize comfort and wearability.


Originally derived from the indigofera plant, this dye is the first mention in a written source for Western Europe in the histories of Herodotus around 450 B.C. Indigo remained a rare commodity in Europe throughout the middle ages. Indigo, the one and only blue gold, become highly priced by the 16th century and traded worldwide. Enjoy the one of a kind characteristics and color of indigo, which bleeds and fades with age.

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