What to do....What to do....?

Stop Stressing!  Lots of questions around winter staples this year.....Two of our favorites are highlighted in this blog.  Both pieces are timeless. 
Animating a winter wardrobe staples with the aid of a few well-chosen motifs… are we seeing a pattern here? We are, and that would usually be a striped or a checked one. Judicious deployment of plaids and bands can not only add welcome pops of color to a season when navy, grey and black are the normal fallback options, it can also allow a less sober approach  to cold-weather dressing, whether loosening up an overcoat or brightening up a sweater. Just remember to keep the rest of your outfit neutral – over-check is one thing, overload quite another. Lines of beauty or windowpanes of wonder? Whichever you choose, here’s a quick primer in pattern recognition.
The Best of The West: Buffalo Flannel Check
Nothing says “home on the range” like a classic checkered western shirt. And this Tailor Vintage Shirt ropes all the right stylistic steers: it boasts the patented western yoke and pockets; it’s cut from hardy, bucking-bronco-proof cotton-blend flannel; and it’s even been branded the “Nashville” shirt. Although, with its slim, alt-country cut, it’s more Mr Bonnie “Prince” Billy thats Mr. Garth Brooks. Stress your modern, urban cowboy crew by adding some skinny jeans, and swap the snakeskin boots for some suede chelsea boots - from west texas to west london. 
The Great Breton: Long Sleeve Stripe Terry
“Iconic” is a word that’s been throughly tarnished through overuse, but if it can be applied to any cotton-based casual garment, it’s surely the Breton-inspired stripy T-Shirt; Mr. James Dean shouldered in one, Mr. Andy Warhol screen printed in one, and Mr. Jean Paul Gaultier continues to sew his haute couture creations in one. Tailor Vintage earned their own stripes by cutting a long-sleeve version all while putting the smart into casual by teaming it with cropped trousers and box-fresh sneakers.


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