For The Love of Henley

Stop wishing summer never left.  Its getting cold, but your wardrobe will remain fly if you follow the Tailor Vintage Henley rule.


October is that awkward month where you officially have lost any lingering excitement for summer, and the option of being able to wear shorts everyday.  Fall is looked at as either the fun sucker of fashion, OR to us layer freaks…. It’s time to put on some style…. Whether it’s covering our souls with layers upon layers of clothing while sucking the glow from our skins with sunless misery.. OR that amazing time of the year when you can finally rock that jacket, sweater, or layered combo….We have found that almost essential wardrobe staples work and start with Mr. Henley-- Could this be the universal antidote to soothe this inevitable transition. Why the Henley you ask?  Because a good Henley goes with everything. It is not your basic bi*ch t-shirt... Oh is much more.

With the slight hint of style, thanks to the button detailing at the neckline, this shirt says I am comfortable but most definitely not basic. This button feature also gives us the versatility that our good ol’ friend the mullet used to serve, party and business. Unbutton the first two top buttons, three if you’re feeling sassy, and let that man salad breathe! Nothing makes you feel more like the top dawg at a party more than the exhibition of your manhood displayed via the unruly length of your man salad. Can I get some ranch dressing over here? For the man who leans more towards the clean cut, front end of the mullet spectrum, simply button that bad boy up and throw on a blazer.

How does this transition to to the cold you ask? Well my good man, let me tell you. A Henley is great for the sweaty summer days when a t-shirt is all you can bear, but is even better for those cooler days and chilly nights that we are all firmly in the grips of now. Warm up your manhood with a killer jacket or an easy breezy zip down sweater to complete the vibe and look fresh to death.  Of course, we have amazing options and encourage you to try some on for yourself right here in our store


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