Plaids, Plaids, Plaids

Plaid, the pattern is known as being incredibly versatile. It ranges from business-casual to street-casual. It's perfect to wear to work because once it hits 5 o’clock you can go to your local bar and get shit-faced. We get it, sometimes you don't want to wear your favorite dress shirts for Happy Hour.

We’ve all had those days where we anxiously waited to clock out of work. I’m sure we can all relate to the horrendous and life-ruining buffalo sauce we accidentally get on our perfectly pressed and starched white dress shirts. Which leaves us with a few options to appearing some-what professional to work, and shirts that do not have to be dry cleaned. This is where plaid comes in and gives you a viable choice.

This pattern used to be heavily associated with counter-culture, but has had so much influence in fashion that it became an essential piece to everyone's closet. Though now it is the staple hipster-nation outfit, plaid shirts have become relevant enough in contemporary style to be suitable in most business-casual settings.

Start buying plaid shirts at and start looking like a lumberjack, or a hipster, or the guy at work who is planning on eating buffalo wings and drinking at the nearby bar.  

Your Welcome.


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