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Spring Puretec cool® Nanofiber filter masks

PUREtec cool® Nanofiber Filter Mask

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Every single garment we've made has been engineered from the fiber level up

Our AIROTEC® and Puretec cool™ technology on performance cotton-based fabrics represents years of collaboration, diligent innovation, new technology and most importantly, a sustainable and high-performing alternative to the standard while staying true to our legacy of timeless, classic styles.

Performance apparel defined by cutting-edge technology

Our performance apparel are meticulously engineered and tested. The result is high performance, well-fitting, machine washable, beyond comfortable clothing you'll want to wear every day of the week.

AIROTEC® -Absorbs Inside Repels Outside

AIROTEC+® is the next-generation performance finish available in our all natural cotton products. AIROTEC+®now has antiviral, antimicrobial and odor-control. The fabric surface has excellent water and oil repellency, while the fabric backside has advance moisture management, that is breathable and wicks moisture away to keep skin dry, cool and comfortable. AIROTEC+®is PFOA-free, eco-friendly and bluesign approved for sustainable manufacturing of textile consumer products.

Puretec cool®

Puretec cool® silver-ion and copper based technology kills virus/bacteria on textiles. Moisture management wicks moisture away from your skin while odor control keeps you feeling fresh. This means less laundry , less water and less energy. Make an impact.

Comfort Stretch Waistband

For comfort and mobility, we’ve added a stretch waistband on all Tailor Vintage pants and shorts. We use high-end knit fusing gives the waistbands 1-2 inches of stretch and total recovery.