Men’s Style Guide: Transition from Warmer to Cooler Months

Men’s Fashion

When styling for the warmer months like summer and spring you want to choose breathable fabrics, lighter and brighter colors and that have an airy relaxed fit.

For cooler months like  winter and fall you want to go for darker and cooler colors and to go for a more layered look. An example would be our Blanket Twill Shirt paired with our Bonded Berber/Polar Fleece Vest and Airotec® Performance Stretch Bedford Cord Chino Pant.

When picking an outfit, go for complementary over matching.  The one exception? Leather and metals should always match. For example, if you’re wearing a brown leather belt, your shoes, bag, satchel, or whatever leather you have on, should also be brown. If you’re wearing a silver watch, make sure any other metal you are wearing i.e. metal in the belt is also silver. 

Casual Vs. Formal Colors 

Brighter colors are usually more casual while somber ones are more formal. A navy outfit for an example would be more formal than a lighter blue outfit. Textures, fabric and material also correlate to how formal an item is. Smoother and shinier materials are usually more formal. Patterns and designs also play a small role in how formal an item is. An item with a pattern or checks tend to be more casual. 

Tailor Vintage embraces the unique taste each individual carries into their personal style. Follow  your matching guidelines while putting your personal spin on your outfit. 


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