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Tailor Vintage (www.tailorvintage.com) is offering a once in a life-time opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs that want to “Tailor their start-up, business, idea, or concept” -

Tailor Vintage is proud to announce a once in a life-time opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level and “Tailor Their Dreams, Business Idea, or Concept”.

To participate, submit a clear and compelling 60-second video explaining your idea - “Shark Tank” style about your business and how the funds will help your business grow.

The $25,000+ package includes cash, exclusive once-in-a-lifetime events (tailored to the winner), direct mentorship from CEOs and at least 8 curated investor meetings.  Mentorship will be tailored for the winner with focus on strategic introductions, fundraising, and guiding the entrepreneur’s idea to implementation & success.  Selection will be based on votes and at the final discretion of our Expert Panel.  The winner will be featured on Entrepreneur (https://www.entrepreneur.com/) and interviewed about his/her idea and start up idea.

Contestants will be able to push, share, and promote their videos​ which will be hosted at http://tailorvintage.create.it website. With the help of the votes each contestant gets (from friends, families, and colleagues), our expert panel of judges will choose the winner(s) - Judges for the contest are David Meltzer (CEO of Sports1Marketing), Albert Dahan (CEO Joe's Jeans), Stephen George (CEO SURKUS), Jeremy Barnett (CEO Trendy Butler), and Richard Rosenthal (CEO Tailor Vintage).

Criteria for winning video-

1) The overall quality of the video. You don’t need to hire a professional to film this but you should aim to make this video something you are proud of and that represents your level of professionalism and quality of your work.

2) The video should be compelling and interesting.

3) The idea and message should be clear and thorough.

3) Votes and engagement on your video - Push the video to your friends, family, and associates.  The more votes you get, the more likely your chance to win.

4) Does the contestant show the traits of a future rockstar entrepreneur?

Package will include -

*Typical events include private luxury suites at NBA & NHL games, private restaurant(s), club and lounge openings, exclusive charity events, and curated investor events.

*Winner is guaranteed at least $5000 in cash

*Winner is guaranteed 8 investor intros once mentor feels deal / idea is ready to be presented

*Winner is guaranteed mentorship w/direct access to the CEO judge which fits his idea best

Good Luck.


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